Handy Home Premier Series Columbia Storage

The Premier Series Columbia storage shed by Handy Home makes a wonderful addition to your property for storage needs. Those with gardens that need a place to store gardening tools, lawn mower and accessories will find the storage space needed with this shed. Handy Home Products is one of North America’s largest manufacturers for ready to assemble wooden storage sheds.

This shed is built using treated, factory-primed engineered wood for the siding. This means that it is made up of wood strands coated with a binder then compressed. This is said to give the siding superior strength, make it more cost effective, and has a longer life. It has a 2 x 4 framing construction to withstand wind and snow.  You will have the option of having a precut wooden floor.

Handy Home Premier Columbia Shed

The storage shed will need to be assembled once purchased. This is made easier with all the material precut to fit perfectly together. You will not need any special tools to assemble the shed. There are good instructions for assembling with diagrams. A phone number is also included so that if you need to contact customer service with questions, you can. This shed is not delivered to your home. You will need to pre-order or purchase directly from the store. It will be your responsibility to get it to your home.

Features to Love

Some of the features that you will love about the Handy Home Premier Series Columbia storage shed are the doors, security, and flexible door location. The double doors are pre-assembled and pre-hung taking away one less headache. This company also uses steel stiffeners with the doors so that you do not have to worry about them warping over time.

The double doors have a rust-resistant, keyed locking system that will give you some security for the contents of the shed. This is important especially if you have children that like to play outside and are just curious. Tools are expensive and this allows you to have a measure of security in keeping them where they should be. The hinges are galvanized steel that helps to prevent sagging of the doors.

With flexible doors, you have the option of installing them on the eave or the gable side. This is great for fitting it into your landscaping.  There are also cross boards on the outside of the doors which add strength and beauty. The seven foot high walls and ten foot high peak makes it easier to move around in the building as well as adding more storage space. By purchasing shelving units you can add to the inside to help with storage of smaller items.

Don’t hesitate buy one today and get the extra storage space that you need. Let this shed add to your property and make life just a little simpler by always knowing where things are.

This Handy Home Premier Series Columbia shed will add beauty and storage for your home and garden. Take a look at all of the great features that this storage shed has to offer. Act now to take advantage of the great pricing.

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