Duramax WoodBridge Shed and Foundation (10.55′ x 7.85′)

Have you been looking for the perfect shed to store your extra things? Maybe it is your bikes or yard equipment you need to get out of the weather. No matter what it is you need to stow the Duramax WoodBridge Shed and Foundation is just for you. At 10 ½ feet wide this shed provides quite a bit of storage space. Not only is it spacious. It is also quite easy on the eyes as well.

Duramax WoodBridge Shed and Foundation

Duramax WoodBridge Shed with Foundation

Another great thing about the WoodBridge shed is that it is virtually maintenance free. Duramax has built this shed out of extremely durable vinyl made to hold up through all sorts of weather. It comes in a nice sandy beige color which means it can blend it with most all color schemes. It also will not ever need treating or to be painted. Imagine, no worries over mildew, rust, fading, rotting, or denting.

Another bonus to the Duramax WoodBridge shed is that it incorporates metal in its design. The columns for the wall are reinforced with metal and the included foundation is made from galvanized metal. This means the shed will have a great deal of support. As a matter of fact has been tested to withstand up to 115 mph winds. It can also hold up to 1500 lbs of snow on its roof. Can you imagine two gorillas sitting on top of it without caving it in?

Is It A Shed Or Something More?

The included foundation makes shed construction extremely quick and simple. As a matter of fact you can have it totally assembled in one day as long as weather allows. How is this for convenient? Another great thing about this shed is that it is tall enough that you don’t have to worry about stooping to be able to walk in. The ceiling is tall enough that you can stand quite comfortably.

As if this wasn’t enough, there are still more features making the Duramax shed and foundation the perfect choice for all your outdoor storage needs. These include:

  • The ability to add a plywood floor once the shed is built. While the plywood is not included it does make the perfect compliment for added stability.
  • Included in the hardware you will find door handles
  • The shed is fire retardant making your belongings a good deal safer.
  • The hardware package includes all you will need to assemble your shed including door handles.
  • The shed carries a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • You can purchase optional windows that each have two polycarbonate sliding panels.
  • You can also purchase the optional skylight that is easy to install by swapping it out for the standard roof ridges.

Dimensions: 85.44″ H x 126.56″ W x 94.19″ D  341 lbs

There is no way you can deny the need for more space around the house. Why worry with lesser buildings when you can get the best? Click to get the Duramax WoodBridge Shed and Foundation today. You’ll be glad you did. Go now and get free shipping!

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