Duramax WoodBridge Shed (10.5′ x 7.8′)

This is a great Duramax WoodBridge shed that is built to last for years. This is a no maintenance shed that can handle all your storage needs without a problem. Whether it is garden tools or bicycles and boxes you will love this shed. The size of this shed makes it perfect for most of your home gardening storage needs.

The WoodBridge shed is just another super product by Duramax. You can be assured of purchasing a quality product that is going to hold up even in the harshest of weather. The roof has been snow load tested for up to 1500 pounds or approximately 20 pounds per square foot. It can withstand wind loads of 115 miles per hour. With the special resin that is used in the vinyl developed by Duramax you don’t have to worry about the sun fading it and making it look old before its time.

Duramax WoodBridge Shed (10.5′ x 7.8′)

Duramax WoodBridge Shed (10.5′ x 7.8′)

With the WoodBridge shed you are getting something that will enhance your property’s appearance and sale value. This is a maintenance free storage building. This means that you aren’t going to have to paint, or treat this shed to keep it looking beautiful. It comes with a fifteen year limited warranty. This is not something you get with most sheds and a lot of them do look old before their time.

Assembling the Shed

To assemble your new storage shed you will need at least two people to assist you. The directions and diagrams come with the shed when purchased. The foundation kit can be purchased separately and does help to make assembly somewhat easier and the building square. The foundation kit is built of galvanized metal, but you will need to purchase plywood for the flooring. If the foundation is not purchased then you will need to do your foundation work prior to building the shed. Remember with the concrete foundation is has to be one foot larger than the shed dimensions.

Most of the holes are predrilled which helps to assist you when assembling the shed. The framing structure is made of reinforced metal for the best strength possible. The doors come with handles and are easy to install. The door opening is large enough to easily get your tools, bikes or whatever you want into the building. You have the option of purchasing windows if you like that are easy to install and can provide you with natural light.

The price for the WoodBridge storage is great especially considering the quality of the product that you are getting. Shipping is free and that really saves when you consider that the weight is 322 pounds. This adds to the savings when buying this shed. Just think you could be using this soon to store all those things that you are trying to find somewhere to put away.

Dimensions: 85.44″ H x 126.56″ W x 94.19″ D    298 lbs

Go ahead and take a look at the quality and beauty of this Duramax WoodBridge Shed now to see just what you will be getting. Don’t forget to check out the options that they have available such as the foundation kit and windows or skylight. Buy it today and get more savings by not having to pay for shipping.

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