Arrow Woodlake Shed 10′ x 8′

This Arrow Woodlake shed is a simple solution for your home storage needs. The ten foot by eight foot shed will fit into most landscapes with the look of wood. It is do-it-yourself assembly that most any one can have extra space for storing those outdoor items that can be difficult to find an area to put them in.

This metal building has a wood-grain look finish that is perfect in most landscapes. The roof is a dark coffee finish that enhances the building’s look of wood. The finish for this building is maintenance free for those that don’t want to have to worry with the upkeep of an extra building. This gives you more time to spend on doing the things you love most such as gardening.

Arrow Woodlake Shed

The Woodlake shed is a do-it-yourself shed meaning that you assemble it once you have put the shed where you want it. There are a couple of things that you will need. First the storage shed will arrive by freight line to the curb of your home. You will need more than one person to help you unload it and get it to the area that you want to assemble it. The second thing to consider is that you may need extra items such as longer screws, and drill. Read all instructions carefully prior to starting this project.

Extra Kits

Checking to see what you may want to enhance the Arrow storage shed is a must when purchasing. For example if you want flooring so that items are not just on the ground inside the shed you will need to purchase the flooring kit. When setting up the flooring kit and the storage shed be sure that it is on level ground. If you have concrete poured for the flooring to set your shed on then you will need to purchase a concrete anchor kit.

All of the kits that you may want to purchase are available. Each kit comes with easy to follow directions and diagrams. The region that you live in will help you to determine the type of kit that you may want. Some of the great features that you can expect from this shed are:

  • Beautiful steel panels that are easy to drop into place for quicker assembly of the walls of shed.
  • Tall gambrel style roof  which means some extra headroom
  • This shed has extra bracing for greater all-around strength
  • Deep track doors for a smooth slide and dependability

With this Arrow Woodlake shed you will have the extra storage space that you need at a price that is very affordable. It gives you space to store all those extra tools for landscaping and keep them in one spot. It may be that you just need space for storage of bicycles or other items.

Take a look at this storage shed to see just how perfect it can be in meeting your needs. Buy one now and start planning for just how you will be using it when it arrives.

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