ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed with Grey Cover

Have you ever needed to move to a new place, but the weather is just not cooperating? How about needing a place for your extra things while you do house cleaning? You may even need a place to store your ATVs. If this sounds like a situation you have encountered before then the ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed with Grey Cover 704-X is right up your alley.

The ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed is great for do it yourselfers and hobbyists alike. It can do the trick for giving you just the right amount of space for your projects without having to take up space inside your house. With the simple addition of some benches you will have your own little workshop.

ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed with Grey Cover

ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed with Grey Cover

When you get done at the end of the day you can just zip up the front closure and you will be good to go. Worried about having enough light to see? Don’t, the interior of the ShelterLogic  Shed is white which helps to enhance illumination. Also, with the addition of a GS-160 Light Me A Shed light for an extra charge you can easily light the interior of the shed.

The Right Shed For Most Any Job

This versatile  shed comes with several great features that should factor into your decision to buy. Some of the features of this great shed include:

  • The top is formed in a peak style with a grey cover.
  • The frame is made of 1-3/8″ diameter steel tubing rated at 17-gauge with a gray finish that has been powder-coated.
  • The framework contains four separate ribs and is equipped with slip-fit connections which make bolting together much easier.
  • The cover is made of 7.5 oz. polyethylene fabric that is UV protected and waterproof. It also contains 3 layers of all-weather fabric that resists rips.
  • The shed kit includes double zippered front and back doors, a one-piece fitted cover, and four 15” auger anchors for solid anchoring.

Another great thing about this shed is that you have several different sizes from which to choose. Standard sizes include:

  • 6’x10’x6’6”
  • 8’x8’x8’

Non-standard sizes can be obtained for only $20 more. These include:

  • 6’x12’x8’
  • 10’x10’x8’
  • 12’x12’x8’

With all these available sizes you would be amiss to not consider getting one of the ShelterLogic Peak Style Sheds with its grey cover. Whether you use it to shelter your ATVs or store your belongings a great shed is the way to go. For functionality and portability this shed is the way to go.

Dimensions: 78″ H x 72″ W x 120″ D   96 – 172 lbs

Choosing the right shed for the job should not be a difficult task. While you shouldn’t choose the first one that comes along, you do want to choose the right one. Choose right and click the link to get the ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed with Grey Cover 704-X. Click now to take advantage of the special pricing today!

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