FREE SHIPPING! Dynapac 11″ x 13″ Vibratory Rammer for Soil w/ Honda GX120, 4.0 HP Gas Powered Engine – LT7000-11

March 27, 2010

Use this Dynapac gas powered rammer to compact granular and cohesive soils around posts and in trenches. This lightweight portable rammer is ideal for soil compaction in restricted spaces. The Dynapac vibratory rammer is powered by the Honda GX120 gasoline engine, delivering a full 4.0 horsepower. Order now and take advantage of free shipping on the Dynapac gas powered rammer.


Portable Dynapac Gas Powered Rammer

This portable soil compactor will increase the density of soil to which it is applied. This is a critical part of the construction process since improper compaction can result in increased structural maintenance and even structural failure. Vibration is the preferred method for compacting ground soil since it works on both the top layer and deeper layers of soil. The Dynapac rammer has been designed to deliver the efficiency and ease-of-use that contractors demand.

The Dynapac rammer delivers 720 blows per minute via an 11 x 13 inch plate. The force of impact of each blow is more than 4000 lbs. The Dynapac LT rammers are designed for compacting cohesive soils such as silt and clay and soil with small to medium granules, including sand and gravel. Read more