Little Cottage Company 8 x 12 Workshop

The Little Cottage Company workshop is a wonderful addition to your home landscape. It adds personality as well as many uses for your home. The addition of windows gives it the feel of a small house or doll house. The Little Cottage Company is known for their unique playhouses and storage sheds. These wonderful sheds are crafted in Amish country.

This shed can be used for a multitude of different purposes. With two four foot door sets that gives you access to the inside more than one way which can be great when using the shed . If you are a crafter and have to take supplies or finished projects in and out of the building then these double set of doors could be perfect for storage.

Special Backyard Workshop  Free Shipping

Little Cottage Workshop 8' x 12' FREE SHIPPING

Adding charm to this shed are two windows and a cupola. The windows are not just pretty but functional as well. You can open them to let fresh air in or fumes out if working on a project. These windows have real glass with the grids and shutters on the outside that adds to its beauty as a focal point. Below each of the windows is a flower box. You can add wonderful flowers or greenery to give it a homey appeal. The cupola adds some personality as well as another means of ventilation.

Assembly Required

This shed comes to your home by freight and will need to have you and possibly another to help take it off the truck. This is because each unit can weigh between forty to eighty pounds apiece. All parts are precut making the shed easier to assemble. There is easy to follow directions and diagrams when assembling. One thing to remember is that this kit is not one that you can return so you should ask all questions prior to purchasing. They do have a great customer service that can help you with any questions you may have.

The doors are four foot and come with a locking handle latch for security. The front and back walls are six foot high. One thing to remember is that you will need to purchase things such as shingles, drip edge, paint, and fasteners separately. The drip edge serves as the gutter system to help prevent problems with the roof. This company also recommends that you purchase their floor kits for ease of installation.

When painting this shed yourself you can match it to your landscape or to the color of your home. This makes it even more visually appealing for you and your area. Anyone that wants storage shed or even a small workshop will love the Little Cottage workshop. It will enhance and add to your landscaping and home. This company is known for their beautiful sheds, shops, and playhouses.

By adding your own colors you can make it an extension of your home. It will also increase the value of your home. Take a look at this wonderful workshop now. Buy one today and start planning on all the different uses that you have for it.

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